An inside band provides a medially directed force

Vastus Medialis Obliquus: Part 2

in Knee injuries

In part one of this series, Chris Mallac explained the anatomy and complex biomechanics of the VMO and its role in relation to the patellofemoral joint. In part 2, he argues that regardless of cause and effect of the VMO on patellofemoral pain, VMO dysfunction in the presence of pain is very real, and thus exercises to rehabilitate the function of this muscle are necessary... MORE

Figure 1: Anatomy of the piriformis

Piriformis: a contentious syndrome?

in Hip injuries

Chris Mallac explains the relevant anatomy and functional biomechanics of the piriformis muscle, highlights the role it plays in musculoskeletal dysfunction and looks at management options in cases of muscle dysfunction MORE

SLAP Lesions: post-operative rehab

in Shoulder injuries

In part one of this 2-part article on SLAP lesions, Chris Mallac discussed the relevant anatomy and biomechanics of the biceps tendon anchor, the mechanisms of SLAP lesion injury, as well as the clinical orthopaedic tests and imaging techniques that may identify a SLAP lesion in an athlete. In part two, Chris looks at the surgical interventions required to manage a SLAP lesion and presents in-depth guidelines on the necessary post-surgical rehabilitation following a SLAP repair... MORE

Chondromalacia Patella

in Knee injuries

The majority of clients that present to the clinic with anterior knee pain over the coming year will more often than not have a patellofemoral (PF) problem. It may be a slight bit of biomechanical mal-alignment that has stirred up the knee cap – this is the good, or they may have started to wear... MORE

Meniscus Injuries

in Knee injuries

The talk in soccer circles this week is the imminent return to action of Theo Walcott, the Arsenal and England star who damaged his knee back at the start of 2014. After 286 days of rehab, Walcott made a return to Arsenal’s Under 21 team last week. This has left journalists salivating at finding out... MORE

Syndesmosis: A lifetime of pain?

in Ankle injuries

I have been travelling through Athens and now Istanbul. My 11 year old is a Percy Jackson nut and has been filling me in with the who’s who of Greek mythology and I am learning Latin words every day. Quite an education! I looked up the word syndesmosis and the Latin translation is “(New Latin,... MORE

Stress fractures of the ribs

in Rowing injuries

I recently received an enquiry from a subscriber regarding stress fractures of the ribs. His particular interest was stress fractures in rowers, which are a common occurrence for these athletes. So I’ll take this opportunity to describe rib stress fractures, the reasons why they happen and what can be done about these types of injuries.... MORE

Plantar fasciitis: The stubborn heel

in Foot Injuries

Plantar fasciitis is a common affliction affecting many sufferers, in particular runners. Adam Smith has written a great piece in the September issue of Sports Injury Bulletin outlining the relevant anatomy, how the injury occurs, how to differentiate from other similar pathologies, such as neural irritation in the tarsal tunnel, and finally how to manage... MORE

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