Karen Litzy

Dr. Litzy is currently the owner of Karen Litzy Physical Therapy, PLLC, a concierge physical therapy practice in New York City, where she sees clients in their home, gym or office. Aside from physical therapy clients she also sees clients for wellness training, surgical packages and golf fitness evaluations.

Karen is on the board of directors for the non-profit Physical Therapy Business Alliance and part of the PT Day of Service team. Dr. Litzy consults with physical therapy colleagues on how to start and maintain a successful out of network physical therapy practice.

Articles by Karen Litzy

The language of pain

in Improve, Sports psychology

Pain and sport often go hand in hand. Physio Karen Litzy explains the best way to communicate with athletes about their pain experience. Athletes are told to push through the pain, grin and bear, suck it up, or take one for the team. There are times when this might be appropriate, but for the most... MORE

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