Kieran Richardson

Kieran Richardson (FACP) is a specialist Physiotherapist and the Director of Global Specialist Physiotherapy, a consultancy company providing online formal mentoring, professional development, and second opinions to individual clinicians, clinics, and groups. He and his team of consultants offer ongoing live 1-to-1 and group mentoring and live and subscription tutorial options for a growing list of topics.

Kieran is considered by many to be an expert in the non-surgical management of ACL ruptures and meniscal tears. He has overseen thousands of successful conservatively managed knee-injured patients, including those who have returned to pivoting and high-level sport. In addition, he has co-authored peer-reviewed literature on the topic and participated in interprofessional and scientific discussions and debates on ACL and meniscus injuries.

Articles by Kieran Richardson

Paradigm shift: Physiotherapy without surgery may best suit many...

in Diagnose & Treat, Improve, Joint injuries, Knee injuries, Pre-hab and post-surgical rehab

There is a paradigm shift taking place in sports medicine. The anterior cruciate ligament has healing capabilities, and conservative management may provide some athletes with optimal functional outcomes. Kieran Richardson undercovers ACL healing and individualized treatment plans to improve long-term outcomes. The false ACL Narrative When an athlete sustains an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury,... MORE

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