Marianke van der Merwe

Marianke van der Merwe is the Sport Scientist at Balderstone Sport Institute's Football Academy in South Africa. She attained her Honors degree in Sport Science at the University of Pretoria. She is passionate about youth development and athletic performance. Furthermore, she is interested in education and is a lecturer for Cambridge International Physical Education subject. She is a nationally capped softball athlete and uses her experience competing internationally to prepare the athletes mentally and physically.

Articles by Marianke van der Merwe

The red zone: low energy availability in male athletes

in Improve, Nutrition, Other, Prevent

Low energy availability is well-recognized in female athletes. However, aesthetic, weight class, and lean sports may require male athletes to achieve and maintain unhealthy body-composition profiles. Marianke van der Merwe takes a deep dive into low energy availability in male athletes and discusses how pushing them into the red zone may be detrimental to their... MORE

Fantasy or fact: artificial surface injury risk

in Ankle and foot injuries, Diagnose & Treat, Improve, Knee injuries, Pre-hab and post-surgical rehab, Prevent

Artificial playing surfaces are contentious and remain a talking point in Sports and Exercise Medicine. Marianke van der Merwe uncovers the artificial surface injury risk and provides recommendations to mitigate the risk factors for athletes. Artificial turf was first introduced in the 1960s and has evolved significantly. There are three reasons for artificial turf. Firstly,... MORE

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