Nicola Brown

Dr. Nicola Brown is an Associate Professor in Female Health and Performance. She teaches undergraduate and postgraduate health-related programs at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. She is also a member of the research group for Breast Health at the University of Portsmouth and on the Executive Board of the Women in Sport and Exercise Academic Network. Nicola’s research focuses on increasing scientific knowledge of breast health issues to inform effective strategies for optimizing the health and performance of female athletes and exercisers.

Articles by Nicola Brown

Breast support – only the balls should bounce!

in Acute injuries, Diagnose & Treat, Female Athletes, Improve, Musculoskeletal injuries, Other, Overuse injuries

The breast has limited anatomical support and can move 15cm during running. Nicola Brown discusses the consequences of breast movement and provides guidance on obtaining the correct sports bra fit to help women exercise in greater comfort. Introduction The evolution of technology and sportswear aims to improve performance and prevent injuries. However, the sports industry... MORE

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