Ryan Frerichs

Ryan Frerichs is a medical doctor and former physiotherapist with extensive experience in professional and amateur sports. His knowledge in rehabilitation, performance optimization, and medicine provides a unique perspective into assessing and managing injuries. He has a background in sports coaching and strength and conditioning training and is the co-founder of an online training academy. In addition, he has a passion for motorsports and cycling and enjoys spending time on his bike in the mountains.

Articles by Ryan Frerichs

Long COVID: returning athletes from the deep

in Cardiopulmonary, Diagnose & Treat, Other, Uncommon injuries

As the COVID-19 pandemic poses a great public health challenge. While the initial virus infection stressed every country’s healthcare system, a secondary health problem has emerged. Dr. Ryan Frerichs explores Long COVID and uncovers the assessment and management. Soon after the pandemic, recovered patients began complaining of complications beyond the initial acute infection period. The... MORE

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