Please advise treatment for my Right Leg

in Flexibility

I am 46 years old, athlete, 5.11 height, 80 kgs weight. Since five years i have a problem with my right leg No flexibility, difficult to walk and cant run there is no pain but less sensation in my right leg Difficulty in bending. My right leg appears to be stiff and have a balance... MORE

Running swing phase inquiry

in Flexibility

Hi this isn’t an injury question per se (no pain). My problem is that when I’m running my right lower leg “swings” faster than normal (it jerks forward). This causes the leg to drag or clip the ground. I’d like to know which muscle causes this so I can use massage to treat it. I... MORE

Dynamic flexibility

in Flexibility

Static stretching is out. Nick Grantham examines the case for the new pretender Flexibility components are often included in training programmes as a key aspect of preparation for physical activity, with the goals of decreased injury risk and improved performance (1, 2) . Exercises and drills to improve flexibility have traditionally been classified as either... MORE

Stretching: what’s the point?

in Flexibility, Stretching

Sean Fyfe trawls the evidence for practical advice on the pros and cons of stretching. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Sports practitioners, trainers, coaches and therapists have for decades routinely prescribed stretching in pursuit of various fitness goals for recreational and elite athletes alike. But what are the evidence-based benefits of stretching? Do we advise and practise it out... MORE

Hypermobile: Musculoskeletal conditions – The hypermobile child

in Flexibility, Gymnastics injuries, Knee injuries, Wrist injuries

Deborah Eastwood and Rosemary Keer explain how to identify and support children with loose joints. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] A hypermobile child is one whose joints display an excessive range of movement in all directions compared to their peers when age, gender and ethnic background are taken into consideration. Joint laxity is greatest at birth and progressively decreases... MORE

Shoulder Injury : How to restore high-level shoulder strength

in Cricket injuries, Flexibility, Rugby injuries, Shoulder injuries, Stretching

Chris Mallac offers detailed guidance for professionals working with top-end athletes. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Beware: what follows is highly practical! While a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the glenohumeral complex is critical for proper implementation of rehabilitation programmes for high-level athletes with shoulder injuries, the emphasis in this article is squarely on post-clinical rehab. Many therapists... MORE

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