Got runners? Chances are good you’ve got injuries too!


Runners frequently complain of injuries. However, just how frequently remained equivocal. Statistics for running-related injuries (RRIs) ranged anywhere from 7.5% to 58%(1). Therefore, researchers from the Netherlands sought to define RRI and assess the actual incidence in runners.

They defined RRIs to include,

“any self-reported complaint involving muscles, joints, tendons, and/or bones deemed by the runner to be caused by running.”

The RRI had to impact at least one running workout by requiring the runner to decrease their speed, distance, length of run, or the number of runs. In addition to RRIs, the researchers also collected data on reported illnesses during a 16-week half marathon and marathon-training season. The 161 subjects reported any new RRI or illness symptoms every two weeks via a questionnaire.

It should come as no surprise that 9 out of every 10 runners reported an RRI during the training period. In addition, up to three-quarters of the runners reported illness during that same time frame. As one would expect, most of the RRIs were in the leg and knee. has an entire library of articles pertaining to running and lower leg injury. As the running training season ramps up, be assured that has the latest information on the injuries frequently reported in runners, such as patellofemoral pain, calf pain, foot injuries, and more.


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