rhabdomylosis/ fibromyalgia

in Hydration

Three years ago I took 2 spinning classes and I ended up dehydrating I woke up with triple swollen upper legs could not walk were really tight feeling. I went to the er they took blood and a urine test.The doctor said my electrolites were really high and I had Rhabdomylosis. I was in the... MORE

Gary Russell Jr injury

in Hydration, Olympics injuries

US boxer out of the Olympics after being found passed out with dehydration Gary Russell Jr is out of the Beijing Olympics after being deemed unfit to compete following a frantic rush to make weight. Russell Jr, found that he was two pounds overweight to compete at the required 119 for Bantamweight and had just... MORE

Sports Drink vs Water: Sports drinks and GI complaints

in Hydration, Supplements

Sports drinks cause more gastrointestinal complaints than water during distance running, without improving performance, according to a new study from The Netherlands (‘The effect of two sports drinks and water on GI complaints and performance during an 18-km run’, Int J Sports Med 2005; 26:281-285). [adsense:336×280:1772170819] These unexpected results emerged from a field study comparing... MORE

Stitch Pain: New light on stitch

in Hydration

A new Australian study offers valuable insights into the common but potentially disabling sport-related condition known colloquially as ‘stitch’ (‘Epidemiology of exercise-related transient abdominal pain at the Sydney City to Surf community run’, J Sci Med Sport 2005; 8:2:152-162). [adsense:336×280:1772170819] In a previous study – the largest published on the subject – the researchers found... MORE

Heat illness treatment

in Hydration, Sports injury treatment

Immersion in iced water is the most effective first-line treatment for exercise-related heat stroke, according to new UK research (‘Cooling methods used in the treatment of exertional heat illness’, British Journal of Sports Medicine 2005; 39:503-507). [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Exertional heat illness – or heat stroke – typically affects young athletes or military personnel who are pushed... MORE

Brain damage risk from dehydration

in Boxing injuries, Head injuries, Hydration, Surfing injuries

Dehydration leads to changes in the volume of compartments within the cranium that could put sportsmen and women at risk of brain damage after head injuries, according to a team of UK researchers (‘The effects of dehydration on brain volume – preliminary results’, International Journal of Sports Medicine 2005; 26:481-485). [adsense:336×280:1772170819] In adults, the cranium... MORE

Natural supplements (1): popular off-the-shelf potions that claim to...

in Field Hockey Injuries, Hydration, Supplements

As the popularity of nutritional supplements continues its apparently limitless rise, athletes of all standards are particularly susceptible to manufacturers’ claims that promise them that ‘little bit extra’ – in the legal non-doping sense. The range of supplements on offer is huge, including all types of sports drinks, nutritional bars, vitamins, herbs, protein supplements, ergogenic... MORE

Tiratricol side effects: regular tiratricol ingestion may be associated...

in Drugs, Hydration, Nutrition, Supplements

A fat-loss supplement popular with athletes is linked with hypothyroidism [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Tiratricol (3, 5, 3-triodothyroacetic acid) is a popular ‘nutritional supplement’ among bodybuilders and weightlifters, many of whom believe that the compound increases metabolism, spurs fat burning, upgrades body composition, and helps produce a ‘cut’ look. Such beliefs are not completely illogical, since tiratricol is... MORE

Immunosuppression: can carbohydrates and zinc boost your immune system?

in Cycling injuries, Hydration, Nutrition, Supplements

Can within-workout carbs and supplemental zinc keep you from getting ill? [adsense:336×280:1772170819] A heavy training schedule can improve an athlete’s sport-specific fitness dramatically, but it can also have an unwanted effect: hard training can actually suppress your immune system, putting you at greater risk of developing an opportunistic infection which could decrease your quality and... MORE

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