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Figure 2: The spine as a cantilever

Low back pain: anything but a dream

in Back injuries

Rowers of all abilities are prone to lower-back injury. With this in mind, Alicia Filey shows how attention to technique and training can mitigate some of the risk factors, enabling athletes to enjoy rowing throughout their lives. MORE

An inside band provides a medially directed force

Vastus Medialis Obliquus: Part 2

in Knee injuries

In part one of this series, Chris Mallac explained the anatomy and complex biomechanics of the VMO and its role in relation to the patellofemoral joint. In part 2, he argues that regardless of cause and effect of the VMO on patellofemoral pain, VMO dysfunction in the presence of pain is very real, and thus exercises to rehabilitate the function of this muscle are necessary... MORE

SLAP Lesions: post-operative rehab

in Shoulder injuries

In part one of this 2-part article on SLAP lesions, Chris Mallac discussed the relevant anatomy and biomechanics of the biceps tendon anchor, the mechanisms of SLAP lesion injury, as well as the clinical orthopaedic tests and imaging techniques that may identify a SLAP lesion in an athlete. In part two, Chris looks at the surgical interventions required to manage a SLAP lesion and presents in-depth guidelines on the necessary post-surgical rehabilitation following a SLAP repair... MORE

Figure 1: Anatomy of the piriformis

Piriformis: a contentious syndrome?

in Hip injuries

Chris Mallac explains the relevant anatomy and functional biomechanics of the piriformis muscle, highlights the role it plays in musculoskeletal dysfunction and looks at management options in cases of muscle dysfunction MORE

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