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Figure 2: The spine as a cantilever

Low back pain: anything but a dream

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Rowers of all abilities are prone to lower-back injury. With this in mind, Alicia Filey shows how attention to technique and training can mitigate some of the risk factors, enabling athletes to enjoy rowing throughout their lives. MORE

Lower back pain (not very good at the vocabulary)...

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Hi, about 4 months ago, i was playing football in goal, diving on the astroturf and grass, and felt sight pain in my lower right back. I didnt think much of it and played on. The next week, i was diving and i guess was aggravating the pain as it was getting worse. Eventually, i... MORE

Facet joint injection discomfort

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Had facet joint steroid injections at levels L5/S1 and L4/L5(right side) for mainly right sided and central chronic lumbar pain. Injections were done 7 weeks ago and I am still getting discomfort/spasm/tightness at the top/central right side buttock as a result which started immediately after procedure.(Had no symptoms in this area before procedure). I understand... MORE

Isometric back (hyper)extension

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Sirs, is it dangerous to the lower back to perform a weighted hyperextension with a weight across the chest, using a roman chair or horizontal back extension bench, and performing the exercise isometrically (eg to a 1 minute hold) rather than for a number of repetitions? MORE

Could my mid back burning pains btw shoulders be...

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I am 36 years old and have suffered from chronic back pain for at least 5 years now. It is mainly mid back, between shoulders, burning, radiating pain. It also feesl like may back is making a U shape and needs to be”straightned” out. Often lying on flat surface will help temporaily but it comes... MORE

Advice re exercise post spinal op please.

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63 yrs old, danced ballet from age 5 until teenage when advised I would develop ‘too big’ to go professional. Was very flexible, back bends, splits etc. Took up running (5 milers) in late 20’s after regular aerobic exercise classes which dropped in favour of yoga. Eventually in 40’s unremitting back pain showed scoliosis on... MORE

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