Elbow Injuries

Elbow swollen while weight lifting

in Elbow Injuries

Hi there, I have been working out in the gym for 20 days now, and I can notice that a small part about 3inches is swollen below my left hand elbow, while I am working out for biceps & triceps, the swollen part is not like mucsles, not painful, but noticeably swollen, it’s like filled... MORE

Pain on the outside of the elbow…………..

in Elbow Injuries

I have had pain on the outside of my right elbow for around 3 months now. Okay during movements of elbow flexion and extension such as bi curls and tri extensions. But during upright rows, and single arm rows get a lot of shooting pain, its very frustrating. Doctor no help, just suggests rest and... MORE

How long will my elbow and forearm take to...

in Elbow Injuries

I injured myself in a wrestling match in high school. I am 18years old by the way. i fell on my arm while it was straightened and that was two weeks ago and my arm hasn’t been the same since. i can’t curl any weights my elbow and my forearm is swollen and my wrists... MORE

warming up tendons and/or ligaments in my elbow

in Elbow Injuries

Lately, I have been experiencing a little bit of discomfort in my elbow. I only have it when I do certain tricep exercises. I warmup for about 15 minutes on the eliptical but still always have a problem doing certain tricep exercises. Any advice on how to warm it up? MORE

Should I be concerned that the pain has not...

in Elbow Injuries

A physical therapist (a friend) looked at it 3 weeks ago and said that it was from an overused muscle… The injury happened 4-5 months ago. While doing pushups, hurts when going up although sometimes it just hurts. Here is how the injury occurred. I was doing 30 pushups every hour for a total of... MORE

How do I cure Tennis Elbow without resorting to...

in Elbow Injuries

Good day I hurt my left elbow after a lengthy lay off from weight training. So I believe I increased my weights too soon to heavier levels, before the joints etc. had built up enough strength to carry the increased weights. Male ego? I am 55 years old fit and run and swim, always have... MORE

elbow cartilidge

in Elbow Injuries

Elbow injury misdiagnosed by doctor initially as a tendon injury. After 5 weeks of therapy with no success, a specialist was contacted for further evaluation. It was then diagnosed as a cartilidge injury. The recommendation was to take one month off throwing. They said no MRI necessary. After one month off and an easy transition... MORE

Strongman,strength training and elbows

in Elbow Injuries

So i used to train shoulders and sqauts and developed really bad elbow tendonitis, after a break some deep massage and cortison injections i have been trouble free for almost a year. Training was going well till last week i was sqauting and the bar slid slightly low on my heavy set i didnt feel... MORE

Sharp pain on elbow tip especially on touch

in Elbow Injuries

The injury doesn’t impair my mouvements but very painful when putting weight on it (on an armchair or crawling on the mats). Hurts even when i wear long sleeves and I fold my arm (fabric is pressing). Pain is not constant and seems to be moving (chunk?). No swelling. MORE

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