Hand Injuries

Finger pain down to the forearm

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Hi, So yesterday I was bouldering and during a particularly hard problem, I fell down. Nothing special, no snapping sound or finger twist, just pain which came in for no apparent reason. I hurt my left hand ring finger. The finger itself doesn’t hurt and there’s no apparent mark of swelling but the tendon/ligament inside... MORE

Forearm exercises after hand injury?

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About 6 weeks ago, my friend seriously injured two fingers on his right hand. The hand is now immobilized and will be for about the next year or so. He has no use of his pointer and middle finger, and because of the nature of the injury, very limited use of his other fingers. His... MORE

Skiers thumb

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The leading injury hazard for skiers is knee damage. Second only to this, however, is damage to the thumb, accounting for up to 9.5% of all ski injuries according to some studies (1,2) . The thumb has an extensive range of movements and lends great dexterity to the hand, thanks mainly to the existence of... MORE

Skating Injuries: Growing risks for synchronised skaters

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Acute injuries among synchronised skaters are increasing in both incidence and severity, according to new research from Croatia. The researchers believe that these more significant injuries, including concussion and fractures, may be partly attributable to the growing physical and technical demands associated with this increasingly competitive sport (‘Injuries in synchronised skating’, International Journal of Sports... MORE

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