Hip injuries

Figure 1: Anatomy of the piriformis

Piriformis: a contentious syndrome?

in Hip injuries

Chris Mallac explains the relevant anatomy and functional biomechanics of the piriformis muscle, highlights the role it plays in musculoskeletal dysfunction and looks at management options in cases of muscle dysfunction MORE

Pain in lowerback/hip

in Hip injuries

Hello, 5 days ago I played a soccer game. I noticed no pain when playing but after the game I had a a lot of pain in my hip and lower back. The pain has subsided a reasonable amount since but it is still there. I have no bruising and can walk and run with... MORE

What did I do to my hip?

in Hip injuries

I was playing basketball, and I was going in for a layup and a girl tripped me. I landed on my hip, and i can’t put full weight on that leg, and, it feels like I have a swollen spot. I don’t have a bruse on the surface. I can’t move my leg side to... MORE

groin pain preventing gluteu activation

in Hip injuries

I have a client. We have established her right Glutues are not firing properly. This has been going on a while, leading to her right leg shortening, and when really bad, the knee pulling medially leading to a pronounded limp. Work on the muscles help but the problem re-occurs. Once she gets walking after a... MORE

clicking hips

in Hip injuries

I have clicking hips that I have had since birth.I had to have hip replacement surgery on both hips and it still clicks. Any suggestions? MORE

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