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Hyperextended knee while running and stepped into depression. Felt like I sprained my lower leg with a pain in knee and back of calf muscle. Eventually turned into acute pain in outside of shin radiating into top of foot. Have loss of strength in lower leg and warm sensation in back of leg behind knee.... MORE

Knee pain when running and Quad pain when cycling

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I will try and keep this brief. Background; I have a desk job so I am mostly sat down from 8am to 6pm. I started triathlon last year and have been doing a lot (short distance) running, swimming and cycling but at high pace. Issues; end of last year I started feeling pain in my... MORE

Cannot bear any weight on my right leg if...

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3 days ago i fell over on my way back from a boxersize class. I was carrying various things so couldnt put my hands out to stop my fall. I banged and cut my legs just under the knee cap. And damaged my thumb. This was all at 8am in the morning. As the day... MORE

Prevention of hamstring injuries.

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We seem to hear more and more of hamstring injuries in all sports. As a rowing coach I have not had this problem with my charges, although a few years back I had a tall 16 year old who had exremely tight hamstrings. I put him through 2 – 3 months flexibility to loosen them... MORE

swelling and tenderness 20 days after injury

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20 days ago I was playing around doing box jumps on cement steps in Greece. I was wearing a dress (I know not a good idea), got tripped up in it and missed a step. I hit my right shin extremely hard and fell. Immediatly my shin swelled and bruised (also had a laceration and... MORE

Hit by a leather ball twice near the tibia....

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The first time I was injured, it was by reflex. I was fast bowling and happened to stop the leather ball that was struck, with my left leg by reflex. It hit near my shinbone and God it hurt! I couldnt bowl or walk after that for a week as the pain would radiate right... MORE

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