Neck injuries

Really bad Cervical Spine/Neck Pain + Shoulder problems

in Neck injuries

Sorry to seem like a hog, but i have injuries pretty much all over my body for no specific reason, and these areas are the most painful everyday. I put it under Neck injuries because the cervical spine is by far the most painful on the day to day basis of even doing nothing. I... MORE

Blood obstruction to the Head. is possible?

in Neck injuries

Hello. I’m a combat sport’s Athlete. 2 years ago, do to some fights and hard train, I started to feel some unusual and unconfortable stress on the back of my neck. over the months this situation become a little strange and scare because now i feel like…as if the blood does not reache the head…Is... MORE

why will my neck not stay in alignment

in Neck injuries

I injured my neck about four years ago when I was 17. I have been visiting a chiropractor for almost the entire time. I enjoy lifting weights and it is a big part of my life. when my neck is “out” the pain radiates into my upper back, shoulder, arm, hand, elbow (all left side).... MORE

Pain for 2 weeks from Cervical 7 & Thoracic...

in Neck injuries

I’ve had this pain for two full weeks and it is excruciating. The only relief is when I numb it with ice. It is very painful to touch the lateral 7th cervical vertebrae and my 2nd Thoracic vertebrae. This pain goes across my supraspinatus and superior scapula and the rhomboids and the pain goes down... MORE

Neck Injury due to fall

in Martial arts injuries, Neck injuries

Hi… About a month ago, i accidentally fell on my neck during my martial arts training. Till now, i feel pain when i try to look up or tilt my neck slightly to the left, particularly at a certain angle. I haven’t been doing any straineous trainings since then, but the pain doesn’t go away.... MORE

Neck Cracking..?

in Neck injuries

Okay.. This Is Not a Neck injury. But Several Times a Day Including First Thing when i wake up. If i Tilt My Head To Either Side it Cracks..LOUDLY, Multiple times in one. And i`ve tried not cracking it.. But it gets a wee bit achey if i dont. Its A Bit Painful Most Times... MORE

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