Shoulder injuries

SLAP Lesions: post-operative rehab

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In part one of this 2-part article on SLAP lesions, Chris Mallac discussed the relevant anatomy and biomechanics of the biceps tendon anchor, the mechanisms of SLAP lesion injury, as well as the clinical orthopaedic tests and imaging techniques that may identify a SLAP lesion in an athlete. In part two, Chris looks at the surgical interventions required to manage a SLAP lesion and presents in-depth guidelines on the necessary post-surgical rehabilitation following a SLAP repair... MORE

An old, apparent posterior dislocation injury

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Back story: I am 33 years old, 6’1″, 215 lbs and semi-physically active. Fifteen years ago, when I was 18, I injured my shoulder by “flying” forward on a pair of roller skates and landing on my right shoulder. Since then, I have lost count of how many times my should has come out of... MORE

Loss of control of right lat

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Around six months ago I was traning back and while i was doing lat pulldown it felt as if i had no control over my right lat. I couldnt maintain a contraction which i usually could do very easily. It has now been six months and there has been no improvment, i can tell its... MORE

Shoulder Dislocation – need some advise on rehab

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Hi I am an in-experienced physical therapist and I have been treating my sister (46, reasonable fit, ideal weight)for a full right shoulder dislocation from a ski accident. She went to see a specialist which set her shoulder back in place and was told to keep in sling for 6 weeks with no movement, which... MORE

shoulder pain on flexion and adduction

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I’m an outrigger paddler and am experiencing pain on the recovery phase of my stroke on the left side. I have a previous rugby injury that resulted in repair to m=the long head of my biceps tendon and the situation that my supraspinatus muscle was unable to be reattached to the tendon. Through exercise and... MORE

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