Wrist injuries

Tennis wrist problem

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I have been having a problem with a wrist injury for the past 8 or so weeks. I am getting pain along the outside of the wrist (side of the pinky finger) roughly about 1-2 inches from where the wrist joins the palm (about where you would wear a watch). Recently this is also spreading... MORE

Return to competition/rehab of Distal Radius buckle fracture

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My 12 yr old son, who plays baseball, recently suffered an injury to his wrist/forearm area in a non sport related injury. His family doctor indicated it was a buckle fracture to his distal radius. They wanted to treat the injury with a below elbow cast for four weeks, even though we had discussed several... MORE

wrist injury/hockey player

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i broke my wrist about 3 weeks ago playing hockey. how long is the recovery time, and when will i be able to pick up a stick again as our team has nationals at the end of march and i want to play then. MORE

Tennis wrist pain

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I started to play tennis last summer but I hurt my wrist and I could not play anymore. Since then almost 6 months past, but I still have pain when i move my left palm inside. I still did not visit doctor, cuase I hoped it will past by time. It is intresting that I... MORE

I hurt my wrist over a year ago playing...

in Wrist injuries

Voltaren doesn’t make any difference. I have just started seeing a physiotherapist and he said it is a tendon. My wife has been at me to have a CT scan since I hurt my wrist but as yet I haven’t. Do you think I should bother with the scan or should I just persist with... MORE

Regarding wrist injury !

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I had broken my scaphoid bone while playing bsketball. It has been treated in a cast for two months.But now after removing cast wrist movement has not been recoverd fully.How much time it takes to recover full wrist movement & which exercise should be done to recover wrist movement. MORE

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