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Arthritic condition caused by layoff?

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Hi – I had a heel injury last August and had to lay off from my tennis and other activities. I became very sedentary as I wanted to stay off my feet until my heel was healed. In October I started a very slow training regimen and by November I was over the heel injury... MORE

Hyper mobility in joints/muscles-sports that won’t cause injuries??

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hi all, I have thrown my body around for years playing rugby, snowboarding, touch rugby and about 8 years ago after tens of shoulder subluxations, a shoulder reconstruction, pelvis/hip problems,groin tears, hamstring tears, achilles tendonitis and ripping one of the calf muscles off the bone I finally conceded defeat….and wasn’t able to exercise properly for... MORE

Running with lower leg problems…Bad shoes or what?

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I am recently getting back into running shape and am having some issues I hope somebody can help me with. I warm up, stretch and start jogging. Then the muscles on the outside of my shin bone begin to tighten up as do my calf muscles. I end up stopping pretty frequently to stretch both... MORE

Does exercise weaken the immune system?

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Research has shown that exercise can have a negative impact on the body’s immune system, and most importantly that the body’s ability to resist infection as part of its first line of defence can be compromised. This is not usually a huge problem as most sports build recovery time into training and competition schedules. But... MORE

Masai Barefoot Technology – Does it really work?

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Paul Brice weighs up the evidence for a trainer that would have us walk like warriors Hail the latest revolution in shoe design. Celebrate the end to the mindless time consuming task of exercising and strengthening the muscles of the foot and ankle. Let Masai Barefoot Technology transform your life. The Masai Barefoot Technology (MBT)... MORE

Train yourself to stay free of distance running injuries

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It’s widely accepted that a large number of distance running injuries occur during training. So getting everything right before competition therefore takes on greater importance if you’re aiming to compete on a consistent level. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Running injuries when training are generally associated with high volumes and rapid changes in intensity. Too many athletes fall into... MORE

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