Knee pain

Patellofemoral pain

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Patellofemoral pain is an extremely common and disabling condition that affects both men and women of all ages. Functionally it limits everyday movements and activities such as squats, lunging, walking up stairs and hills. It has been suggested and research concludes that dysfunction between the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) and the Vastus Lateralis is one... MORE

Lateral tibial plateau bruise

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I am a big advocate of keeping things simple, but doing those simple things as well as possible well. This case study is an illustration of when simple interventions needed to be taken to the next level. In this case an 18 year old professional soccer player sustained an unusual injury to his (L) knee.... MORE

Reducing Synovitis inflammation in the right knee

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Dear sirs, I have synovitis in the lateral aspect of my right knee extending into the popliteal recess and am really struggling to reduce and remove the inflammation. I am currently having physiotherapy and am icing with an ice pack once daily. I am a competitive cross country mountain biker and have not ridden my... MORE

Unexplained knee pain

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Apology in advance if the answer has already been given somewhere although I haven’t found it yet. After five months of rest I have finally gained some real progress with my patella tendinitis but to my disbelief over the past three weeks I have developed the most peculiar symptom with the same knee. The pain... MORE

Why does the area right below my knee hurt?

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So I play soccer and I’m a valet for a living and the area right below my knee has been hurting a lot after I run at work a lot or right after I play a soccer game and I’ve cooled down a little, to the point that it hurts to put any pressure on... MORE

Recurring knee pain for years

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I have been having recurring knee pain for a long time now, and I haven’t had insurance, so I have been putting off going to a doctor, but it has been getting increasingly worse, so I feel like I need to get it taken of soon, and would like to try and get some insight... MORE

Chronic tibial tuberosity pain for 1.5 years, no history...

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Hi there, this is basically my last resort before I consider something like prolotherapy or even surgery. I used to be a competitive Olympic weightlifter but had to stop because of a chronic tibial tuberosity pain on my left knee. It is now in danger of affecting my future career as I have to take... MORE

Pain upper/outer part of in the back of left...

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One thing I know is that there isn’t an obvious time in which this injury took place, so I cant say for sure weather it was a hyper extension or not. I tend to think it could very well be bicep femoris tendinitis (probably the short head)? The pain does carry up the hamstring a... MORE


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Hi Everyone Could someone please advice. I do some light gym work and I am a novice at moutain hill climbing. My friend and I did a 10 mile treak around Pen-y-Fan Horshoe route in Brecon Beacons – there are four peaks and teh highes is PenyFan at around 2900 feet. I had a backpack... MORE

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