Made to move

The World Trade Center.

A Madrid train.

The London subway.

Charlie Hebdo.

Paris, San Bernadino, Boston, Belgium, Orlando, Nice, Westminster, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Manchester, Las Vegas, Barcelona.

Sadly, no place is immune to the effects of terror. It’s a reality that unites us all. However, there’s a greater bond that we all share, no matter our place of origin, race, beliefs, family structure, or abilities. We were made to move. Every one of us is a complex organism made of feedback loops and homeostatic adjustments that support physical action. It is this common attribute that brings us together on the world stage and the neighborhood field.

Today’s feature article, the first of a two-part series, celebrates the spirit and determination of the parathlete. Andy Hamilton shares some of the unique attributes of the differently abled athlete. While impossible to lump all parathletes into one category, this article serves as an overview to remind us that anyone who walks into our clinic or gym has the potential to find joy, satisfaction, and health in movement. Whether competing against others or only themselves, it’s our job to show each person their athletic potential.

On this day when we remember those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attack, let us honor all victims of evil by supporting the wounded survivors and celebrating the everyday athletes around us.

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