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Invictus participant an example of nuances required to work...

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In a recently featured article, physio Sean Fyfe outlined eight key principles to follow when working with an athlete with disabilities. Today’s newsletter highlights some of the research that supports these principles and offers a profile of 2018 Invictus Games athlete Stacey Trottier-Mousseau. With the 2018 Invictus Games just days away, some major milestones in... MORE

Running and knee arthritis

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Like the misconception, that bad posture causes back pain, the myth that running causes knee arthritis persists. Researchers at the University of British Columbia compared the beliefs concerning running and knee osteoarthritis (OA), of runners, non-runners, and healthcare practitioners (HCP)(1). A total of 831 surveys revealed that 13% of the non-HCP population surveyed believed running... MORE

Ischio-femoral impingement: the hip pain mimic

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Continuing with our series on uncommon injuries, Chris Mallac discusses ischio-femoral impingement (IFI) in today’s feature article. Mimicking other syndromes, the symptoms of IFI include pain in the buttocks or posterior hip that worsens after prolonged sitting and may radiate to the back of the leg. Spanish researchers recently reported a case of a 36-year-old... MORE

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