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Ischio-femoral impingement: the hip pain mimic

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Continuing with our series on uncommon injuries, Chris Mallac discusses ischio-femoral impingement (IFI) in today’s feature article. Mimicking other syndromes, the symptoms of IFI include pain in the buttocks or posterior hip that worsens after prolonged sitting and may radiate to the back of the leg. Spanish researchers recently reported a case of a 36-year-old... MORE

Made to move

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The World Trade Center. A Madrid train. The London subway. Charlie Hebdo. Paris, San Bernadino, Boston, Belgium, Orlando, Nice, Westminster, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Manchester, Las Vegas, Barcelona. Sadly, no place is immune to the effects of terror. It’s a reality that unites us all. However, there’s a greater bond that we all share, no matter... MORE

Getting ahead with a concussion

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Concussion injuries remain in the news, particularly concerning those that result from American football. Reason being, many players suffer seemingly traumatic injuries, such as that experienced recently by Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills who’s head bounced dramatically off the turf in a Sunday game. As if the injury itself wasn’t startling enough, Allen was cleared to... MORE

Stuck in the middle: patellar tracking and pain

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Common in runners and cyclists, patellofemoral pain (PFP) results from improper tracking of the patella along the trochlear groove of the femur (see figure 1). Many implicate vastus medialis obliquus (VMO) weakness as the cause of the patella sliding astray as the knee flexes and extends. As Chris Mallac explains, however, researchers lack a full... MORE

Spotting zebras

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Sports injuries are pretty predictable. Pitchers injure their shoulders, soccer players tear structures in their knees, and runners pull their hamstrings.  Sure, the circumstances change and each athlete comes with an established set of habits, strengths, weakness, and movement patterns. By and large, there’s not much variability, until the day a zebra walks into your... MORE

Under pressure!

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A leg cramp is maddening but repeated leg pain on exertion halts an athlete’s progress and performance. Such is the case with chronic exertional compartment syndrome (CECS), the topic of today’s feature article. Physiotherapist Chris Mallac highlights this frustrating syndrome, including the theories about why it happens in the first place. Although several theories of etiology... MORE

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