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Tokyo 2020 Olympics – The Tokyo 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony – Olympic Stadium, Tokyo, Japan – July 23, 2021. The Olympic flame is transferred to a torch carried by Naomi Osaka of Japan REUTERS/Hannah Mckay

To start the new era at the Sports injury Bulletin, I would like to thank Alicia Filley for her contribution over the past three years. I look forward to working with the team to continue to bring you a publication that you can trust and depend on for evidence-based, pragmatic knowledge. As your clients are at the heart of your work, you are the center of our vision – to help you help athletes.

The 2020 Olympic Games are well and truly on the go. As a representation of global sporting unity, the Olympics creates an environment in which athletes from every corner of the world can realize their dreams and inspire future generations. Years of practice, sacrifice, and meticulous preparation combine into a spectacle that keeps the global audience glued to their seats.

For each sport, there are clear favorites, world leaders that have tapered their training to reach peak performance. Athletes spend hundreds of hours practicing for these high-pressure situations. As a result, they have a reasonable expectation of success when that moment arises. Unfortunately, however, there will be examples of athletes who will commit skill errors when the gold medal is on the line. So what makes an athlete’s skills fail when they need them most? In the July edition, Jason Tee investigates this phenomenon and reveals surprising and vital implications for performance, injury prevention, and rehabilitation.

Understanding the psychological and cognitive aspects around injury prevention and performance remains a cornerstone of the sports medicine industry. As we watch the Olympics, we can unpack optimal performance and gain insights into how we can assist our clients in reaching their ‘gold’ standards.

I look forward to serving you as editor and would value hearing from you, so please reach out and contact me via Twitter @marqueseurico.

All the best,

Eurico Marques

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