Gym injury weakness and loss of strength in right...

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Hi Just wondering if someone could help me About 5 weeks ago I was at the gym and I was doing a dip exercise and when I came of it I knew I’d done something wrong my thumb on my right hand felt numb Decided to leave it thinking that it was nothing and was... MORE

Pain in the Buttock.

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Im 18yrs old and have been experiencing pain in the buttock for about 2 and a half yrs now. this injury started at the end of tennis season 2 yrs ago there was no sudden instant where the injury came one but just gradually got worse where i had pain in the buttock and hamstring... MORE

i am looking for injury case report in sport,...

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I am PhD Student of a Laboratory in the Eastern of France. I am very interested by the pulmonary contusion or whatever chest injuries. My goal is to get a data base or may be some case reports of incident leading to these diagnosis. Could you help me to get these data or a link... MORE

Abdominal and groin pain. What can be the cause?

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I have a client who presents with abdominal pain on the Right side only, and groin pain on the right side only. He has had a Right knee replacement 7 years ago. Observation is SIJ instability,muscular imbalance, R HX gluteus max.Gluteus max L not firing.Upon palpation of R iliopsoas and tva triggerpoints, there is not... MORE

13 year old female with complete tear of ACL,...

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My 13 year old daughter fully tore her ACL, no other damage. I was looking into having it repaired, either cadaver or her own hamstring, not sure which is better, but am concerned that at her young age there may be issues with stunting her leg growth. Advice? MORE

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