Representation in sports research: are girls just one of...

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The inauguration of the United States’ first female vice president marks another example of the windows of opportunity opening to women in all aspects of society. One hallmark moment for female athletes was Title IX’s inclusion as part of the Education Amendments passed in the US in 1972. This amendment prohibited discrimination on the basis... MORE

Conservative management of hip avulsion injuries

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In the December 2020 issue of Sports Injury Bulletin, Andrew Hamilton explored the use of imaging in the diagnosing hip and pelvic avulsion injuries and the role it plays in monitoring and managing recovery. Imaging helps make appropriate management choices since avulsions with more than 1.5cm of separation respond best to surgical repair(1). Clinicians typically... MORE

COVID-19 and athletes – an update III

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Fall sports hang in the balance as we enter the last quarter of 2020. While some institutions and programs resumed their sports programs, as usual, this year, others delayed or canceled entire seasons. Athletes, coaches, trainers, and administrators try to make decisions based on the information available. Their primary aim is keeping athletes safe, but... MORE

Making the most of multidisciplinary teams

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In a post-pandemic world, multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) become more important as sports professionals navigate best practices for their athletes to return to play. While they seem like a great idea, MDTs may lose their luster once you’re in the trenches. Jason Tee explains the intricacy and finesse required to fashion an MDT that provides the best outcomes for athletes.... MORE

Plantar fasciitis and foot strength – is there a...

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While plantar fasciitis (PF) plagues only 8% of athletes, it can be debilitating and require extended time off from sport(1). Plantar fascia (also called the plantar aponeurosis) pain strikes at the origin of the fascia on the medial tubercle of the calcaneus (see figure 1). Athletes typically feel the pain on their first steps out... MORE

Supporting the health of the healthcare worker

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In the second article of a three-part series focusing on the widespread coronavirus, Trevor Langford covers the topic of caring for the healthcare worker. The strategies clinicians recommend for athletes to optimize health and wellbeing, are often forgotten when it comes to their own health. In this article, he explains how to maximize exercise and... MORE

8 tips for conducting telehealth treatment sessions like a...

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  Due to the coronavirus, most municipalities and regions are under a stricter level of social distancing. Many are calling for people to ‘shelter-in-place’. Depending on where you reside and practice, you’ve likely shuttered your clinic by now. That doesn’t mean you have to stop treating patients. Sports professionals around the world are exploring telehealth... MORE

Pre-race aspirin: could it keep the grim reaper at...

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Andrew Hamilton looks at the pros and cons of using pre-race aspirin in older marathon runners and other endurance athletes. Peer-reviewed research supports, beyond doubt, the benefits of exercise in terms of health and longevity. However, sports clinicians seeking the best outcomes for clients should be cognizant that despite the health benefits, there are risks... MORE

Beyond 11+: How to design a meaningful injury prevention...

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Jason Tee discusses injury prevention strategies and why a ‘one size fits all’ may not be the best approach. Sports injury results in real economic costs for participants (hospitalization, doctor’s appointments, physiotherapy), as well as time off from work and school for participants hurt while playing sport. In professional sport, the stakes are even higher!... MORE

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