Shin splints, cramps, thrombosis, oh my!

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Lower leg pain often plagues runners. The trick is distinguishing pain from an acute injury, overuse, or an emergent problem. In today’s feature article, Pat Gilliam offers an overview of lower leg injuries and identifies the particular characteristics of each syndrome. In most acute injuries, the athlete experiences a sudden onset of pain and disability,... MORE

Small tear, big problem

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Meniscal tears are fairly run of the mill in athletic populations. However, as Chris Mallac explains in our continuing series on uncommon injuries, a tear near the root, or attachment of the meniscus, results in severe pain and disability. Root tears often accompany other knee injuries such as anterior or posterior cruciate ligament tears. Because... MORE

Chronobiology: rhythms and athletic injury

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We may live in a high-tech 24/7 world, but fundamental biological rhythms remain deeply ingrained in our physiological makeup. Andrew Hamilton explains how these rhythms can affect injury risk, and the implications of this for coaches and clinicians Humans have evolved in and are surrounded by a world full of rhythms. It would be incredible therefore... MORE

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