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Snow sport injuries: know the risks, aid prevention

Andrew Hamilton looks at what the most recent research has to say regarding injury risk and prevention for skiers and snowboarders, and the implications for safety. No sport is free of injury risk, but alpine sports such as skiing and snowboarding carry more risk than most, especially when it comes to more traumatic or life-threatening injuries.... MORE

Is observational screening for increased risk of ACL injury...

Knee injuries plague young female athletes at an alarming rate. Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in particular take young athletes out of sports participation more than any other injury. Female athletes are up to 10 times more susceptible to this injury than their male counterparts(1). Preventing these injuries starts with identifying the risk factors that... MORE

Masterclass on Ankle injury: Part I – when instability...

In the first of this three-part masterclass article, Chris Mallac discusses the progression from acute ankle sprain to chronic and recurrent instability, the relevant anatomy and biomechanics, and how chronic instability can be identified in the athlete. Ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries experienced by athletes, and account for a large percentage of... MORE

Groin pain: risks and prevention

Groin strain is behind only fracture and joint reconstruction in terms of lost time from sport due to injury. Andrew Hamilton investigates at the risk factors for groin injury in sport and what the research says about injury prevention... MORE

Neck injury in sport: management and rehab

In her previous article, Kay Robinson looked at neck injury assessment. In this article she focuses on injury management and rehabilitation, with the goal of a return to full performance MORE

Understanding injury: back to the class room

Science has been described as the ‘systematic classification of experience’. With that in mind, David Joyce presents up-to-date knowledge surrounding muscle injuries and their classification. As he explains, by being armed with this information, clinicians can be better equipped to move more rapidly along the road of evidence-based prevention and rehabilitation programming MORE

Scapular dyskinesis and overhead injury risk in athletes

Scapular dyskinesis is strongly associated with an increased risk of ‘overhead’ injuries in athletes. Andrew Hamilton looks at recent evidence on the evaluation of scapular function in overhead athletes and the implications for rehab MORE

Running Injuries: Prevention and Treatment

Drawing from the knowledge and experience of our panel of sports scientists, physiotherapists and sports therapists we have compiled a holistic, technical and hands-on approach to understanding, treating and managing running injuries. The report covers prevention, physiology, core stability and technique, and includes case studies and illustrations throughout. It will stay with you as an invaluable reference point through your running career, and not only help you stay injury free but also increase your biomechanical efficiency for long term gains. MORE

Knee Pain: Prevention & Treatment

Knee pain is the most common of all sports injuries and virtually every sport has its share of knee injuries and related problems. If you or your client has played sport for any sustained period of time, the chances are you've already experienced at least one bout of knee pain. Be it a temporary, mild nuisance you've shrugged off, or a debilitating injury that forced you to seek specialist help. The good news for athletes, coaches and sports injury professionals, is that thanks to some important recent work in this area, sports scientists now know more than ever about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of knee injuries. And now you too can share in these insights, courtesy of this special report.   MORE

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