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Running and knee arthritis

Like the misconception, that bad posture causes back pain, the myth that running causes knee arthritis persists. Researchers at the University of British Columbia compared the beliefs concerning running and knee osteoarthritis (OA), of runners, non-runners, and healthcare practitioners (HCP)(1). A total of 831 surveys revealed that 13% of the non-HCP population surveyed believed running... MORE

Hip & Groin Injuries

If your clients take part in dynamic sports – rugby, football, gymnastics, tennis, golf, even triple jump – you'll know how frustrating a hip or groin injury can be and how easily these injuries can ruin an athlete's entire season. Hip and Groin Injuries: Prevention and Treatment offers specific and practical resources (injury tests, fitness tests, musculature consequences) to address the problem, and attain long-term balance and athletic function. MORE

Plantar fasciitis: running from the ground up

With the recent setting of a new world record for the marathon by Eluid Kipchoge, runners everywhere will be stepping up their game. With that renewed intensity often comes new injuries. To help you with the athletes that limp into your clinic, we begin our newsletter series on running injuries and performance. Most running injuries... MORE

Uncommon injuries: getting to the root of meniscal tears

In the first of a two-part article, Chris Mallac examines the anatomy and biomechanics of the meniscus root, how injuries can occur, and the imaging criteria required to diagnose a ‘root’ tear. Injuries to the meniscus are a common injury in athletes involved in sports that require loaded knee flexion with added axial compression and... MORE

More power to your elbow!

Elbow pain is usually fairly straight forward, either occurring on the medial side or the lateral side. Unfortunately, that’s where the simplicity ends. Lateral epicondylitis (LE), also known as tennis elbow, is a chronic condition that plagues racquet sport athletes, archers, and shooters. Today’s feature article, by physiotherapist Trevor Langford, explores the diagnosis and rehabilitation... MORE

Medial tibial stress syndrome: a novel approach?

Medial tibial stress syndrome can be a persistent and debilitating condition in athletes. Andrew Hamilton looks at the risk factors involved, the popular treatment options, and also considers the efficacy or otherwise of a novel approach based on fascial manipulation. Medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS – commonly known as shin splints) is a frequent injury of... MORE

Swimmer’s shoulder: the fast lane to recovery

Up to 90% of swimmers will experience shoulder pain at some point in their swimming careers. Andrew Hamilton looks at injury rehab recommendations and, in particular, the need for an appropriate return to a swimming programme in the pool. MORE

ACL rehabilitation: when is your athlete really ready for...

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in athletes can have devastating consequences. Tracy Ward rounds up the most recent guidelines for rehabilitation, return to sport, measures of success following ACL reconstruction surgery, as well as prevention strategies MORE

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