Beating Back Pain

A Sports Physiotherapist's guide to relief
Andrew Hamilton

This fantastic manual will help you understand the need-to-know information on sports-related back injuries and how best to avoid them.


If you’ve taken the time and effort to stay fit and active, or if you simply love playing sport, there is little worse than being laid up, forced to rest up, or move with caution because of pain or stiffness.

Yet back pain afflicts even the fittest and most athletic of us. And when it does strike, the unaccustomed pain and disability can send us into panic mode, fearing the worst. Lacking any knowledge about what to think, let alone what to do about it.

While there is no simple recipe or prescription for curing or preventing back pain, but this manual will ensure you are in the best possible position to stay fighting fit all year round.

What does it contain?

Beating Back Pain is a 90-page illustrated guide that combining both scientific knowledge with practical guidelines, to allow you to start conquering back injury and pain.

It covers the common back injuries of amateur and professional sports people in plain English, and comes chock full of practical advice and exercises, with ‘gold standard’ training tips for avoiding injury.

If you’ve previously looked for reliable, practical information on back pain, then you’ll know that it’s not only difficult to find, but that you can spend a fortune for it.

This book is the answer to both of these problems.

Your back is a ticking time bomb.

On average, we sit for more than 12 hours a day. Over time, all this sitting weakens your back so that a simple everyday movement can put you out of action for weeks.

You often hear of a back injury stemming from picking up a heavy, household item, or squatting in the gym and other such innocuous movements.

Yet the underlying cause can be years of insufficient back stretching or prolonged sitting with a poor posture.

With Beating Back Pain, you’ll be able to incorporate the necessary exercises into your fitness schedule to help you to take responsibility for your own back and keep your back and spine in great shape.

Think of it as an investment in your future. You’ll transform your exercise regime and save yourself time and money and potentially a great deal of pain!

How can I be sure this book is for me?
I can think of only three reasons for not getting hold of this book.

You already have a comprehensive guide to back injury
You’re willing to risk a greater chance of injury
You are unsure about the price of the book
It would be a real shame if any of these reasons stopped you getting hold of this book.

If you’re honest, how many different resources do you use to help you maximise your workout exercises? I bet it’s more than one.

Preventing back injury is just as important as those exercises and you should be looking to gain as much insight as you can into the ins and outs of it.

But I also know that your time is precious to you – many athletes I encounter struggle to find the time in their busy lives for their regular workouts, let alone spend hours and hours poring over hundreds of pages of fitness advice!

That’s why Beating Back Pain only includes the core advice you need to follow.

No waffle, no surplus information.

It delivers just what you need – proven, practical exercise routine.

Getting hold of the very best resources is vital if you want to get the most out of your workout. Utilise the information inside this manual and give yourself the peace of mind that you are using the most effective advice around.


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ANDREW HAMILTON BSc Hons, MRSC, ACSM is a sports science writer, researcher and editor, specializing in exercise physiology, sports health and sports nutrition.