Open Water and Triathlon Swimming

Ultimate preparation for your next open-water event
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Swimming is undoubtedly one the greatest all-round sports, providing truly superb conditioning.

But while the indoor pool provides a consistent, safe and controlled environment, there’s another dimension to this sport that remains unexplored by many swimmers.

Explore the science on how to apply open water training to maximise your swimming fitness.


Originally the preserve of triathletes, open water swimming as a sport and supplementary training method is becoming popular in its own right and it’s easy to understand why.

Swimming in open water is not only great for developing physical and mental toughness; the open water environment also provides a fantastic challenge and a real “connection” with the natural elements, which is often missing in today’s high-tech world.

In this special report, we look at how swimmers and triathletes can use open water swim training to maximise both indoor and outdoor swimming fitness for any event and prepare for a major open water event.

There’s also extensive new research into how swimmers can prepare themselves mentally for the unique challenges that open water swimming provides as well as invaluable advice on health and safety.

Whatever kind of training you do, this report contains the information that will help you reach new levels of physical and mental toughness and lift your performance to new heights!


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