Unbeatable Buttocks

Don't let a pain in the butt ruin your performance
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You could say that this book is about buttocks, buttocks and more buttocks. But actually it is probably best read as an extension of core stability training. As various of the contributors point out, the gluteal muscles are crucial for strength and power in athletic movement, but they are also key to stability control of the trunk.

The problem is that we rather take our butts for granted.

It's vital that we understand and appreciate the different roles for which we need to condition and balance the musculature – and nowhere is this more true than with multi-tasking the gluteus medius!

Failure to do so frequently leads to a wide range of injuries in athletes – including many of the most common ailments: patellofemoral pain, anterior cruciate ligament injuries, iliotibial band syndrome, ankle injuries and Achilles tendinopathy

Whether it's pain relief for the lower back and butt, core conditioning, or kicking power you seek, this book has valuable answers and loads of practical exercises, from the very simple to the fearsomely challenging, to help lift you out of injury and put you on track for performing to your max.


In Unbeatable Buttocks you’ll discover:

  • Why the gluteals are so often implicated in sports injury problems
  • How can you tell, by sight alone, whether someone has a problem with their gluteals
  • Exercises that build strong gluteals – boosting your sports performance and reducing the likelihood of injury
  • The best way to strength the “posterior chain” group of muscles – and raise your levels of performance as a direct consequence?
  • Why strength-training is often implicated in glute-related sports injury
  • What piriformis syndrome is – and the best way to avoid it
  • The quickest way to check whether your gluteus medius is a strong as it should be
  • The ONE exercise that EVERYONE should do for all-round glute conditioning


The bridge: If you only ever do one glute strengthening exercise, it should be this one – Raphael Brandon

The posterior chain: Injury-free athletic power is all about the right muscles working together. Here’s how to create a strong and stable back – Chris Mallac

Sciatic pain: Searing pain in the bum and leg isn’t always a herniated disc. Check out piriformis syndrome – Alicia Filley

Gluteus medius I – Weak buttocks ruin the runner. Here’s how to test whether your glute med is fit for purpose – Sean Fyfe

Gluteus medius II – Discover even more reasons to get working on this crucial muscle – Chris Mallac and Dirk Spits

Gluteus medius III – No more room for excuses: this really is the ultimate guide to glute med strengthening – Nick Grantham

Avulsion fracture – You may think your sports-mad adolescent just tore a hamstring. But check it out in case something more serious happened – Elizabeth Ashby and Fares Haddad

Case study – Troy the goalie injured his quads, but the source of the problem was in his butt – Scott Smith


Elizabeth Ashby is Orthopaedic Specialist Registrar at UCL Hospital, London.

Raphael Brandon is the National Strength and Conditioning Lead for the English Institute of Sport.

Alicia Filley PT, MS, PCS, lives in Houston, Texas and is vice president of Eubiotics: The Science of Healthy Living, which provides counselling for those seeking to improve their health, fitness or athletic performance through exercise and nutrition.

Sean Fyfe is a physiotherapist, strength and conditioning coach and elite tennis coach. He works for Tennis Australia as the women’s coach at the National Academy in Brisbane.

Nick Grantham is a strength and conditioning coach who has worked with elite athletes for the past 10 years, including Olympic and Paralympic finalists and many sports professionals (www.nickgrantham.com).

Fares Haddad BSc, MCh (Orth), FRCS (Orth) is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon at University College London Hospital.

Chris Mallac has been head of sports medicine at a number of top rugby teams including Bath, London Irish and Queensland Reds. He is consulting editor to Sports Injury Bulletin.

Scott Smith is a manipulatory physiotherapist working at Albany Creek Physiotherapy in Brisbane. He has a special interest in spinal pain, especially in the injured athlete.

Dirk Spits is a strength and conditioning coach who has worked with Australian Rugby and as athletic performance co-ordinator for the Queensland Reds.


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