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Stress fractures of the ribs

in Rowing injuries

I recently received an enquiry from a subscriber regarding stress fractures of the ribs. His particular interest was stress fractures in rowers, which are a common occurrence for these athletes. So I’ll take this opportunity to describe rib stress fractures, the reasons why they happen and what can be done about these types of injuries.... MORE

Patellofemoral pain

in Athletics injuries, Knee injuries, Knee pain, Running injuries

Patellofemoral pain is an extremely common and disabling condition that affects both men and women of all ages. Functionally it limits everyday movements and activities such as squats, lunging, walking up stairs and hills. It has been suggested and research concludes that dysfunction between the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) and the Vastus Lateralis is one... MORE

To run barefoot or in training shoes?

in Athletics injuries, Foot Injuries, Running injuries

Introduction Historically athletes were barefoot in the sporting arena and it is only a relatively recent phenomenon for shoes to be worn in competition. In Roman times wrestlers competed barefoot, whilst runners wore little more than thin leather sandals to compete over long distances. More recently several athletes have achieved significant success competing barefoot: Abebe... MORE

Prevention and Rehabilitation: Rowing

in Rowing injuries

All in a row Chris Mallac looks at the most typical injuries in this popular Olympic sport Rowing is a strenuous sport that has huge worldwide appeal. Olympic gold medal winners will have instant household fame. Rowers race against each other in boats, either on lakes, specifically designed rowing regatta courses, rivers, and open ocean... MORE

How long until i can make a fist again...

in Karate injuries

I jammed my finger sparring, dislocated it. I’m on day #5 of healing, and I am able to bend it and do some therapy excercises to it. I am doing the buddy system too , while i work adn using a brace for Karate practice to protewct it.. it’s my middle right finger. How for... MORE

Shoulder weakness, irritation and pain?

in Weight training injuries

Hello all, I realise that shoulder injuries are extremely common within sports and especially weight lifting. But after doing some research as to what my specific injury could be, I am very confused as there are many possibilities of what it could be. I am 21 and I have been weight lifting on and off... MORE

Why is the skin on my knee numb?

in Soccer injuries

While playing soccer on an astroturf (artificial grass) pitch, I fell as a result of a tackle. My knee made hard impact on the floor, and it was bleeding a bit. This is normal on astroturf pitches so I carried on playing. There is no swelling or anything, but the skin of my knee cap... MORE

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