Baseball injuries

Shoulder Pain

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Hello, I have played baseball for 14 years and 2 very competitive years fighting for scholarships. I have had one bone spur, bone decompression surgery before and it proved to be unsucessful. I have a terrible pain in the back of my shoulder, but it is a long drawn out injury that seems to have... MORE

What happened to my arm

in Baseball injuries

I played baseball and softball for a lot of years and went to play in College, My first year of College, I through my arm out where I did not have the arm strength I had in High School, which resulted in quitting the sport I loved, I pitched and played Outfield. Over the years... MORE

What can be done to prevent pars defect?

in Baseball injuries

My son is a 15 year baseball player. Last summer he developed a condition called pars defect. He was released by his dr.last fall. He has recently been experiencing pain in the same area. Today the dr told us he wants to do a bone scan to see if this condition has returned. Has anyone... MORE

Hit by a softball and still swollen

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I am a pitcher for a softball team. 4 weeks ago I was on the mound and was hit by a line drive on my ankle bone. I went to the ER and had an x-ray. I was told that it was not broken but a bruised bone. 4 weeks later I am still very... MORE

Injury to leg by baseball – Vastus Lateralis

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My 9 year old son was hit by a pitch today at practice. The ball was going about 50mph and hit him solidly on his upper left outer leg, half way between the knee and pelvic joint. He was batting right handed. When I looked up the muscle it appears to be the vastus lateralis.... MORE

Creatine side effects: Creatine supplementation produces no side effects,...

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Recent surveys have indicated that athletes who supplement their diets with creatine monohydrate suffer an increased risk of adverse side effects, including fatigue, muscle cramping, and even musculoskeletal injury. However, few, if any, of these surveys have involved carefully controlled research, so it has been unclear whether the negative events associated with creatine use are... MORE

This pneumatic leg brace is not a helpful device...

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There are many anecdotal reports – but no well-controlled scientific studies – indicating that athletes with tibial stress fractures return to activity more quickly when they utilise Aircast pneumatic braces on their afflicted legs. To see whether pneumatic braces really are helpful, US-Army researchers recently took a close look at 31 active-duty soldiers who had... MORE

Lower back spasms

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What exactly causes back spasms, the athlete’s curse, and what can be done to treat and prevent them? [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Few active individuals are able to escape completely from the pangs of back spasms, which are among the most common of all athletic injuries. Although they are nothing more than involuntary, intermittent, and sometimes prolonged contractions... MORE

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