Cricket injuries

Do dislocated fingers heal back to 100% normal?

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Hi, I dislocated the little finger of my left hand while I was outstretched trying to catch a hard hit flat shot at mid-on position. My question being that do dislocated fingers heal back to 100% normal? Also, whats the recovery time? And is there any special attention/care that I have to give to this... MORE

finger injury while fielding in Cricket

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Hi, I love to play cricket. But recently in a match I was fielding in short cover. While trying for a catch I broke my left hand’s little finger. Anyway after 2 months rehabilitation I was playing again. But this time I could feel a fear in my mind while fielding. Then while bowling I... MORE

Shoulder Injury : How to restore high-level shoulder strength

in Cricket injuries, Flexibility, Rugby injuries, Shoulder injuries, Stretching

Chris Mallac offers detailed guidance for professionals working with top-end athletes. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Beware: what follows is highly practical! While a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the glenohumeral complex is critical for proper implementation of rehabilitation programmes for high-level athletes with shoulder injuries, the emphasis in this article is squarely on post-clinical rehab. Many therapists... MORE

Cricket is riskier than you may realise. This article...

in Cricket injuries

Sport-specific injury overview Cricket is riskier than you may realise. This article surveys the evidence and offers advice on injury avoidance The game’s origins Cricket is a major international sport played in more than 60 countries. The laws of cricket were drawn up by the London Club in 1744, formalising a game that had been... MORE

ACL reconstruction surgery: how to choose the right acl...

in Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Basketball injuries, Cricket injuries, Cycling injuries, Hamstring injuries, Iliotibial band injuries, Knee injuries, Volleyball injuries

Sitting in your doctor’s office, you learn the shocking truth: the MRI reveals that you have indeed ruptured the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in one of your knees. Your doctor is staring at you, waiting for you to make some decisions. Do you want reconstructive surgery? If so, what kind of surgery? Who should actually... MORE

Rugby Injury & Cricket Injury

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If you’re a rugby player or a cricketer, what are your chances of getting hurt? Rugby union is a truly international sport, which ranks second in participation only to soccer as a form of ‘football’. Unfortunately, rates of injury are high in rugby union, sometimes averaging as many as two serious injuries per game, and... MORE

Cycling injuries – handlebar palsy

in Achilles tendinopathy, Basketball injuries, Cricket injuries, Cycling injuries, Elbow Injuries, Golf injuries, Plantar fasciitis, Swimming injuries, Tennis injuries, Volleyball injuries, Wrist injuries

That strange condition called handlebar palsy: why cyclists get it (and it’s not just cyclists) – and what can be done to prevent it Without peeking at the next paragraph, quickly answer this question: which part of the body is the most frequent site of injury among cyclists? If you answered “the leg”, or “the... MORE

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