Cycling injuries

Calf muscle overuse injury – cycling

in Calf strain, Cycling injuries

I am an elite cyclist and have been suffering from a calf muscle injury for over a year. Sore/tight inner Gastrocnemius muscles (both legs) causing major drop in power,and getting worse with increased duration/intensity of training. I initially kept on top of the problem to a certain extent with massage but for the last 6... MORE

Knee pain

in Cycling injuries

I have a nagging behind the kneecap / side of knee pain combo. I cycle regularly 4 X week up to 3 hours each. I took a rest because of a knee pain. Last week I hiked 4 days in a row up to 4-6 hours each, up steep hill down steep hills. No pain... MORE

Pain in the shoulders when cycling.

in Cycling injuries

After a few miles cycling I get a burning pain accross my shoulder blades. This worsens and feels like I’m being stabbed in the shoulder. It hurts to move my head especialy to the right, with the pain worse in the right shoulder. I am not stretched or leaning on the bike and am otherwise... MORE

How to deal with spasm in gluteus medius and...

in Cycling injuries

I’m a 45 year old cyclist (male). In the past 5 years or so, I have trained fairly seriously for multi-day mountain bike stage races. Since about 1 1/2 years ago, I have struggled with right hip/glut. pain and lower back tension. Chiropractor, physiotherapy, bike fitting, accupuncture, atheletic therapy, osteopath, massage and anti-inflammotories have led... MORE

Breaking Down Scar Tissue

in Cycling injuries

I just found a big hunk of scar tissue in my left quad. I think it is inhibiting performance gains and therefore an imbalance in my length strength as well as IT band irritation. I am looking into DIY modalities that will break it down. I have been to many different physio therapists and it... MORE

Any idea what is causing pain in my groin/hip/thigh...

in Cycling injuries

I’m a 54 year old women who cycled at speed everywhere in town (especially uphill) for exercise. I also run up four flights of stairs several times a day and recently attended a tough Pilates course. However, I think I overdid it one day and, ever since, I often suffer from really quite severe groin/hip/thigh... MORE

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