Endurance injuries

Running Cramps

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I am a high school student who gets nasty cramps if I run a mile in gym class. I’m not very athletic, but I am by no means over weight or lacking healthy athletic skills. These running cramps only occur when I run a long distance at a constant speed, and they last about 10... MORE

What and why am I getting this pain in...

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after a while of exercise I get a sharp pain in my side, I’m nearly sure its not a stitch as I get it every time(but it could be). It started about 3 months ago. The pain is so sore that i cant run or even walk when I get it, i have to take... MORE

how tight should an IT Band brace be?

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I have been stuggling with IT Band syndromefor a couple of months now and I cant go over 5 miles at a comfortable pace without the pain. I did 10 a few days ago and really aggrivated the problem and its taking me days to eleviate the pain. I’ve tried a strap, appropriately named the... MORE

Using cross training for injury prevention and performance gains

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Cross training, the use of a different method of training to your normal activity, has been around for years. For example, rowers have not only used weight training as an alternative mode of exercise to improve performances at the regatta but also employ endurance activities off the water, such as running and cycling, to complement... MORE

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