Football injuries

Groin Injury

in Football injuries

Good Day, I am 46 years old and i play 6 a side football twice a week on astro turf. I had a groin injury in December and stopped playing for two months. Saw my GP in London and he told me to rest till February which i did and the pain subsided considerably I... MORE

Ongoing Rectus femoris injury

in Football injuries

Hello, Just a question i would like to ask as i am having problems rehabilitating a rectos femoris injury. I first injured this back in June playing football when i got a bad pain which i thought was in my groin as i had gillmores groin at the time,i played on but was in pain.... MORE

I want ask you for the knee injury?

in Football injuries

I made anterior cruciate ligament surgery on the knee and I want to ask for rehabilitation, what should I do in order to recover faster and how fast to overcome the fear of running .. If I can get an answer by e-mail thanks in advance .. : ) MORE

what can i do to reduce pain

in Football injuries

i origanlly believed that i had jarred my thumb whilst spectacually saving the ball however after havin hospital advice second time round i found out that i had broke my thumb and was just told to rest it. this was over a year now and i am still in pain. i get stabbing pains in... MORE

peroneal strain

in Football injuries

hi, I’m a sports physio working for a football team. i have a elite player 20 yr old who has b/l peroneal strain. ive been treating him since past 6 months but any treatment given is not sufficient. he c/o lat loower leg pain while running,cannot take sharp turns or give quick passes because of... MORE

confusing foot problem

in Foot Injuries, Football injuries

I recently began walking jogging and playing football again n have had no major problems till now. I have a pain in my foot and can barely walk has bin like this for bout a week I don’t know what I could do have tried deep heat cream and spray any ideas please let me... MORE

aches in my hip and hammy

in Football injuries

I tore my psoas muscle in my hip about a year ago and i continue to feel achiness if i over do things. I have also torn my hamstring in the same leg about 4 months agp and that starts to stiffen up after abpout an hour of football. Any idea why this is and... MORE

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