Golf injuries

Injury and depression

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I have a torn rotator cuff and soon will be having surgery. But it’s the emotional trauma that is killing me. I played/practiced six days a week. I worked hard to get where I am. I won our summer club championship with the rotator tear. Yes, it hurt. But I won. All my friends are... MORE

ring finger pain

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i have sharp pain that last for 30 seconds after hitting the golf ball i am a right handed player the pain is in the left ring finger middle joint outside after play is stiff and sore but goes away in a couple of days. took 3 weeks of and first drive pain right back... MORE

increasing hip pain during golf?

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I had my hip replaced on my left side in 2006. I have golfed twice in the last week and both times I warmed up and started to play with zero pain or problems. I walk and getting to the 10th or 11th hole there is an increasing pain starting in the left butt cheek... MORE

Does anyone know about an injection for tennis elbow...

in Golf injuries

I’m a trainer who has a client with a golf related lateral epicondylitis. A fellow golfer recommended a doctor to him who treated him with an injection called SPG but refused to go into further detail. His symptoms have been relieved but I’m a little concerned about what this substance is and suspicious at the... MORE

Constant thumb pain

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I have developed over the last 3 weeks a weird pain in my left thumb. It started as just a niggle, but has got to a stage now, when I get to the top of my backswing I get a sharp pain running through my thumb and hand, there is no swelling at all, but... MORE

Does a trapped nerve give constant pain?

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This started a few days ago. It may be related to playing golf but I cannot be positive, as it started as a niggle and developed into a full blown pain. Left Leg/hip joint There is no pain when sitting or lying down. As soon as I stand, or put pressure on the leg, the... MORE

Central low back pain: The golfer who faked it

in Back injuries, Golf injuries

The stance may look good, but that doesn’t mean it is good. Scott Smith explains John consulted me after experiencing his first episode of central low back pain. A keen amateur golfer, he played twice a week and practised most days for up to two hours. He did not, however, do any gym work or... MORE

Golf Injury Prevention

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Although golf is usually thought of as a rather benign activity by comparison with rugby, football, running, surfing – indeed, practically all other sports – it carries a fairly high risk of injury, according to a new study from Australia (‘Golf injuries – common and potentially avoidable’, J Sci Med Sport 2005; 8:2:163-170). [adsense:336×280:1772170819] The... MORE

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