Ice Hockey Injuries

abdominal Pain when doing side lunges

in Ice Hockey Injuries

Hello, I have a client who plays pro hockey. He suffered a sports hernia years ago and had surgery to repair it. He feels pain when side lunging in his lower abdominals on the side of the surgery. If he doe abdominal crunches it relieves the pain and he doesn’t feel it on the ice.... MORE

Wrist Injury

in Ice Hockey Injuries

I am an Ice Hockey goalie. A few weeks ago I took a shot on the back of my left hand (catch glove) where there is very little protect. It was extremely painful and I thought it was broken, but after a few minutes the pain decreased. Since then the pain has been gone, except... MORE

I have a pain in my heel that even...

in Ice Hockey Injuries

Well first i got this from roller hockey not ice hockey as the cement is alot harder than the ice im presuming thats what caused this pain to come about. I had this pain before for about 1-2 years then it seemed to go away, not sure if it went away from a lot of... MORE

Treatment and rehabilitation of the rectus femoris

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In previous issues of SIB I presented management ideas for soft-tissue injuries involving the hamstrings and groin (adductors). This article will focus on the last of the major muscle groups in the thigh to suffer a similar injury fate – the quadriceps. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Injury to the quadriceps almost always involves the long cylindrical and bipennate... MORE

Low-back flexibility

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Low-back flexibility: Before you enter a match, here’s what to do to keep your low back supple and help avoid getting hurt Lumbar-spine pain accounts for 5 to 8% of all athletic injuries, and many sports-medicine experts believe that inflexibility of the lumbar spine increases the risk of low-back pain and injury in athletes(1). Supporting... MORE

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