Martial arts injuries

wrist injury

in Martial arts injuries

Hi I’m 41 years old My right wrist is injured from punching to a hard thing 8 months before. MRI scan showed no ligament tear and no bone break but it showed mild effusion in my wrist and DRUJ injury. My wrist has a light pain and when I bend it backward it becomes more... MORE

Shin splints or stress fracture?

in Martial arts injuries

Hi everybody, I am a kickboxer and am having significant difficulty recovering from what I have been told is a bad case of shin splints. I am into my 9th week of injury now, and I am terribly frustrated. I live in an area where there is a serious shortage of Physicians and as a... MORE

Shin Problems

in Martial arts injuries

I had just finished a Thai pad workout and suited up for jiu jitsu. I began to light roll to get warmed up and ended up catching my opponent in a triangle choke, with my right leg across his back locked under my left knee. When he postured up, i felt waves of the worst... MORE

Neck Injury due to fall

in Martial arts injuries, Neck injuries

Hi… About a month ago, i accidentally fell on my neck during my martial arts training. Till now, i feel pain when i try to look up or tilt my neck slightly to the left, particularly at a certain angle. I haven’t been doing any straineous trainings since then, but the pain doesn’t go away.... MORE

Minor injury that hasn’t recovered after a year

in Martial arts injuries

I’ve been training in Taekwondo for a while now and last year I developed a pain in my groin area that is aggrivated every time I perform kicks above the waist. It also hurts when I stretch towards the splits position and ocassionally aggrivated when I get out of bed or our of a car.... MORE

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