Rowing injuries

Stress fractures of the ribs

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I recently received an enquiry from a subscriber regarding stress fractures of the ribs. His particular interest was stress fractures in rowers, which are a common occurrence for these athletes. So I’ll take this opportunity to describe rib stress fractures, the reasons why they happen and what can be done about these types of injuries.... MORE

Prevention and Rehabilitation: Rowing

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All in a row Chris Mallac looks at the most typical injuries in this popular Olympic sport Rowing is a strenuous sport that has huge worldwide appeal. Olympic gold medal winners will have instant household fame. Rowers race against each other in boats, either on lakes, specifically designed rowing regatta courses, rivers, and open ocean... MORE

How can I prevent rib fracture injuries in rowing?

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Just received my MRI that shows chronic partial tear at the level where serratus anterior. My team just moved to head season drills and increased load on the oars. I want to recover as quickly as possible and get back on the water in the spring. What are some training and equipment changes I should... MORE

Rehabilitation training: How to stay on form while injured

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Raphael Brandon sets out some rehabilitation training regimes to safeguard athletes’ baseline strength and conditioning No one would wish injury on any athlete, but they are a reality for most, so it is extremely useful to learn to treat rehabilitation in a positive way. The time an athlete spends recovering from injury can be turned... MORE

Wrist tendinitis and wrist injuries: what is wrist tendinitis,...

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The wrist is a complex structure that is particularly prone to injury in sports. Approximately a quarter of athletic injuries involve the wrist and hand (13). Some sports involve a higher risk of wrist injury than others. The overuse injuries that are common in the wrist include tendinitis, tenosynovitis, tunnel syndromes and stress fractures. The... MORE

Weight-training for Veteran Athletes

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To keep your spine strong as you get older, a little weight-training will do you a power of good One of the roles played by the spinal column is to form a strong, stabilising base for most athletic movements, but the spinal column itself is subject to some instability among athletes. In fact, one of... MORE

Ankle joint injuries and hamstring injuries

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Two cases of treatment for damaged female rugby players – one with a bad ankle, the other with a dodgy hamstring. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Serious injuries that keep athletes out of their sport for a significant time, especially during the season, are very frustrating, to say the least. For the athlete, half the battle can be simply... MORE

Anti inflammatory muscle treatment

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What has Soren Mavrogenis been doing lately? If you’re an athlete, that question has not exactly been rolling off your lips, especially since Soren’s latest published paper – ‘Pyeloureteral Junction Stenosis and Ureteral Valve Causing Hydronephrosis’ (Scandinavian Journal of Urology and Nephrology, Vol. 35(3), pp. 245-247, June 2001) – has nothing at all to do... MORE

Arnica and minor knee strain; thoracic pain and lower...

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Two more case studies of individuals in pain and how they were treated [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Case study 1 Arnica and rehabilitation exercises were sufficient for a minor knee strain A 45-year-old female client of mine who normally follows a running fitness programme suffered a knee injury while on a skiing holiday in Switzerland. The injury occurred... MORE

Two case studies of athletes in pain who were...

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Case Study 1: A high jumper with anterior knee pain [adsense:336×280:1772170819] This frustrated mid-20s female high jumper had for a whole year been struggling to put together a successful training and competition season because of pain in her (R) jump-leg knee, which had gradually become worse since she had picked up her training towards a... MORE

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