Running injuries

Patellofemoral pain

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Patellofemoral pain is an extremely common and disabling condition that affects both men and women of all ages. Functionally it limits everyday movements and activities such as squats, lunging, walking up stairs and hills. It has been suggested and research concludes that dysfunction between the Vastus Medialis Oblique (VMO) and the Vastus Lateralis is one... MORE

To run barefoot or in training shoes?

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Introduction Historically athletes were barefoot in the sporting arena and it is only a relatively recent phenomenon for shoes to be worn in competition. In Roman times wrestlers competed barefoot, whilst runners wore little more than thin leather sandals to compete over long distances. More recently several athletes have achieved significant success competing barefoot: Abebe... MORE

How to recover from a bent fibula

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Last March 14,while I was jogging I sprained my right leg muscles. When the pain didnot ease after 15 days I visited the doc.After having a X-Ray done of my right leg, he said i have stressed my fibula and bone seems to be slightly bent arond 2 to 3 inches below the knee. He... MORE

Can anyone offer any advice on a Knee Cartilage...

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After 5 years of ‘icing and elevating’, 2 lots of physiotherapy and a failed Arthroscopy I have finally been told that I will be needing a Cartilage Transplant…. I’ve also been told that I have to completely give up dance (which I have done for 15 years), that I won’t be able to surf anymore... MORE

Cant get a proper diagnosis for left leg weakness...

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Hi, any information would be greatly appreciated. I am struggling with an injury from running and yoga. My whole left hip area hurts. from the hip and muscles in the back of gluts to my thigh knee and ankle. it feels like my leg has gone asleep. i cannot engage my leg to run, because... MORE

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