Soccer injuries

Why is the skin on my knee numb?

in Soccer injuries

While playing soccer on an astroturf (artificial grass) pitch, I fell as a result of a tackle. My knee made hard impact on the floor, and it was bleeding a bit. This is normal on astroturf pitches so I carried on playing. There is no swelling or anything, but the skin of my knee cap... MORE

What muscle or ligament did I cause injury to?

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I went to plant my foot to shoot and the footing gave away and I turn my right ankle. I am feeling pain in lateral of my lower leg and it hurts more when walking and running. I had some special test ran and it showed I had end of range pain during inversion active(AROM)... MORE

I hurt my ankle and knee is soccer and...

in Soccer injuries

My ankle is still kinda purple and its been at least a week since i got kicked. And my knee has been injured for like 1 month just from running everyday after school at track practice. Please tell me what you think would be best. Thanks in advance. 🙂 MORE

pain while shooting or sprinting at fracture spot

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i suffered a broken tib n fib in my left leg about 3months ago, i had surgery and got an IM nail n 4 screws in my leg. my recovery has been pretty decent and 3 and half months in i have started jogging and passing the ball also lifting weights. The problem is that... MORE

Improperly healed quadricep strain?

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Five years ago, just before I started high school soccer, I strained my quadricep (I think the rectus femoris specifically) pretty badly. I got physical therapy, but it still kept me out of competition for about two months. Eventually it felt good enough to play, until the next season, when after a hard kick it... MORE

ACL,PCL, LCL and foot drop

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Dear All, I played soccer 7 weeks ago, injured my right knee very badly, last week i did the second mri, it is confirmed that my ACL, PCL, and LCL is torn completely, i also have damaged the peroneal nerve that resulted foot drop, i am going to do the reconstructive surgery next week. Any... MORE

My groin and musle like on my legs hurt...

in Soccer injuries

I’m 14, since i was like 11 years old i had a groin injury i rested it for like 1 month then wen i go back to soccer it harts again like after a month. Also since i play rely competitive soccer we run for a long time and after my practice like my legs... MORE

Core stability workouts

in Core Stability, Football injuries, Soccer injuries

Sarah Mottram outlines an assessment approach to help identify a client’s weak links In recent years the importance of stability training has been recognised but it remains more art than science: to date there is a lack of specificity in stability assessment and retraining. Over the last 10 years much evidence has emerged to demonstrate... MORE

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