Surfing injuries

Can anyone offer any advice on a Knee Cartilage...

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After 5 years of ‘icing and elevating’, 2 lots of physiotherapy and a failed Arthroscopy I have finally been told that I will be needing a Cartilage Transplant…. I’ve also been told that I have to completely give up dance (which I have done for 15 years), that I won’t be able to surf anymore... MORE

Never ending shoulder pain

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I am 28 and have been suffering from a shoulder injury for a two years now. It all started with overuse and tendonitis after surfing. Before that I could surf for hours every day a week. Its only my left shoulder that hurts my right shoulder has never had any problems. I have been to... MORE

Brain damage risk from dehydration

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Dehydration leads to changes in the volume of compartments within the cranium that could put sportsmen and women at risk of brain damage after head injuries, according to a team of UK researchers (‘The effects of dehydration on brain volume – preliminary results’, International Journal of Sports Medicine 2005; 26:481-485). [adsense:336×280:1772170819] In adults, the cranium... MORE

surfing injuries and surfing training – Sean Fyfe offers...

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To its hard-core adherents, surfing is not just a sport but a way of life, and as with any activity that dominates your life, injury can be devastating. Despite the obvious dangers, surfing, in common with other extreme sports, is going through a dramatic increase in popularity, which means sports therapists will soon be treating... MORE

Wrist injury – scaphoid fractures: the diagnosis, treatment and...

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The summer of 2002 was all about the metatarsal – of David Beckham, in case you’ve forgotten. (You can read all about it, his toe, that is, in SIB, issue 23, last October.) This summer another of his small bones grabbed the headlines – the scaphoid. Mr Beckham and company were in South Africa when... MORE

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