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pain in the lower ribs during swimming

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A 15 year old girl who suffers pain in the lower ribs area on breathing in when swimming training and competeing at club level. She also plays netbal and athletics but does not get pain during these activities. The pain is described as sharp stabbing pain which last during the breath in. She can relieve... MORE

What is the treatment plan for Acromio clavicular ?...

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I swim between 1.5-2km 4-5 times per week. Have been doing so for many years. No crawl, only breast stroke and arm and leg aqua exercises. Developed sudden swelling and tenderness Left shoulder over acromio-clavicular joint region 2 weeks ago. This Left clavicle was broken (and plated surgically) in a serious MVA 20 years ago... MORE

Rehabilitation training: How to stay on form while injured

in Leg injuries, Rowing injuries, Running injuries, Strength training injuries, Swimming injuries, Tennis injuries

Raphael Brandon sets out some rehabilitation training regimes to safeguard athletes’ baseline strength and conditioning No one would wish injury on any athlete, but they are a reality for most, so it is extremely useful to learn to treat rehabilitation in a positive way. The time an athlete spends recovering from injury can be turned... MORE

Asthma And Diving: Asthmatics continue to dive

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Asthma and other respiratory diseases that predispose to air trapping have traditionally been seen as absolute contraindications to scuba diving because of the risk that overexpansion of trapped air within the lungs could lead to decompression problems during ascent (‘Demographics and respiratory illness prevalence of sport scuba divers’, Int J Sports Med 2005;26:607-610). [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Yet... MORE

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