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I have this nagging injury with my back thigh...

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I have this nagging injury with my back thigh a little higher than my knee for sometime (years). I don’t know how to heal this. I was playing tennis when it occured i couldn’t put any pressure on it. This has been years ago and I have never fully recovered. What can i do? I’ve... MORE

Any advice anyone can enlighten me with on treating...

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I have chronic golfers elbow from playing tennis. I have tried a chiropractor and physiotherapy for about three years with no significant results. If I did not play tennis or use the elbow in any way and combined that with laser therapy and adjustments for 9 months, as soon as I tried to play tennis... MORE

shoulder locking during serve in tennis and severe pain...

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i had this pain while serving ,typically during the pronation which we do in tennis serve and the contact of the ball which is ofen followed by internal rotation of the arm. the shoulder even locks with flexion of arm to 90 degrees and internal rotation can u tell me the diagnosis and the solution... MORE

Hand injury from tennis

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The middle finger of my right hand (racquet hand) is sore and stiff from the knuckle down into the upper palm. I have difficulty making a fist. Should I lay off a few weeks and use a padded glove when I resume or is this more serious? MORE

should i go for another ACL surgery if the...

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Dear DOc, – 2001 I ruptured my ACL in a ski accident. I had a surgery a few weeks later using the Keneth Jones procedure. No meniscus tears were reported damaged back then. – November 2008: while playing tennis i was diagnosed with a meniscus flap in the upper meniscus. I had surgery and cut... MORE

Anyone familiar with a tennis injury which cause the...

in Tennis injuries

Hello everyone. I’m from the Philippines. My brother has had an injury related to tennis for almost 2 years. It’s like his arm (whole arm and shoulder) twitches and then drops on its own when he’s about to strike a forehand or a serve. It’s like he can’t control his arm and he has a... MORE

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