Ultra endurance injuries

Ultra-endurance injuries

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Your are on the ultra-endurance page of The Sports Injury Bulletin Resources Directory. To add your site, go here or email us at affiliates@sportsinjurybulletin.lan ultra-endurance | hyponatraemia | dehydration | mental status changes | MSC Ultra-endurance athletes: avoid hyponatraemia and MSC during ultra-endurance events. Find out how at the Sports Injury Bulletin Library MORE

Ultra-endurance athletes: What you can do to avoid hyponatraemia...

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Ultra-endurance athletes compete in events which commonly last for six to 30 hours, and some competitions even stretch over several days. Such ultra-endurance efforts include triathlons, road-and-trail foot races, and cycling competitions like the Tour de France. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Strangely enough, there has been very little research into optimal nutritional practices during such events. The few... MORE

The effect of cold and flu remedies on performance,...

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Can cold and flu remedies actually harm an athlete’s performance? [adsense:336×280:1772170819] ‘I firmly believe that if the whole of materia medica, as now used, could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind – and all the worse for the fishes.’ Oliver Wendell Holmes The cold and... MORE

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