Warm-ups: Worth the effort?

in Stretching

Most of us – coaches, trainers, athletes – buy into the ‘self-evident’ benefits of performing a warm up before our training sessions, and if we’re ever questioned on it, we rattle off something along the lines of ‘get my body ready… loosen up the muscles… get the blood pumping… it helps prevent injury’. But does... MORE

Stretching: what’s the point?

in Flexibility, Stretching

Sean Fyfe trawls the evidence for practical advice on the pros and cons of stretching. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Sports practitioners, trainers, coaches and therapists have for decades routinely prescribed stretching in pursuit of various fitness goals for recreational and elite athletes alike. But what are the evidence-based benefits of stretching? Do we advise and practise it out... MORE

Shoulder Injury : How to restore high-level shoulder strength

in Cricket injuries, Flexibility, Rugby injuries, Shoulder injuries, Stretching

Chris Mallac offers detailed guidance for professionals working with top-end athletes. [adsense:336×280:1772170819] Beware: what follows is highly practical! While a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the glenohumeral complex is critical for proper implementation of rehabilitation programmes for high-level athletes with shoulder injuries, the emphasis in this article is squarely on post-clinical rehab. Many therapists... MORE

Pulled hamstring: Risk factors for hamstring injuries and the...

in Hamstring injuries, Leg injuries, Rugby injuries, Stretching

This article is an adaptation of a seminar presented at the Rugby Football Union Conference on injuries in the Zurich Rugby Premiership in April 2003. The theme of this presentation was causative factors in hamstring injuries. It highlights a number of risk areas and predisposing features pertaining to hamstring injuries that a physician/therapist must consider... MORE

Stretching exercises and injuries: Does stretching during warm-up really...

in Flexibility, Injury prevention, Running injuries, Stretching, Swimming injuries

Warming up before workouts and competitions is an almost universal practice, and athletes and coaches generally believe that good warm-ups decrease the risk of injuries and increase the ability to perform at a high level. The warm-ups performed by many athletes contain three key components: [adsense:336×280:1772170819] (a) Continuous, relatively low-intensity activity designed to increase muscle... MORE

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