Alejandro Piris Nino

Born and raised in Madrid (Spain), Alejandro began his professional dance career in 1995 with the Victor Ullate Ballet company. In 1999, Alejandro moved to New York where he danced for American Ballet Theater until 2008. While with ABT, Alejandro obtained his GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® certifications as well as the National Academy of Sports Medicine personal training certification. Alejandro is also a GYROTONIC® Pre-Trainer instructor and is currently teaching GYROTONIC® Pre-Training courses and private sessions to professional dancers in the New York area. In 2008, he joined Hubbard Street Dance Chicago where he danced until his retirement in 2010. In exploring his curiosity in sports and dance injuries, Alejandro obtained his Doctor in Physical Therapy degree at Long Island University and has since then participated in a great number of manual therapy and other continuing education courses. Alejandro currently enjoys most learning about pain neuroscience and especially reading and disseminating to his patients the work of Luis Gifford.

Articles by Alejandro Piris Nino

Treating dancers as athletes: considerations for dance-related injuries

in Improve

Dance is both an art form and an athletic endeavor. Alejandro Piris Niño explores how specificity of training can enhance the rehabilitation of dance-related injuries and describes how an injury prevention program for dancers might differ from that of typical athletes.   Introduction The appraisal “dancers are the athletes of God,” attributed to Albert Einstein,... MORE

Bring pressure to bear on sports injury with blood...

in Improve, Power development, Prevent

Is blood flow restriction training just one more fad? Alejandro Piris Nino takes an updated look at the history, uses, risks, and guidelines of this novel intervention.     Blood flow restriction (BFR) training, originally called Kaatsu (meaning training with added pressure), is the partial restriction of arterial and venous blood flow to exercising muscles... MORE

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